The Doors – Laor

The Doors

The story behind The Doors

Back in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia where streets were field with all kind of stuff that people abandoned, my friend and flatmate Chili and I found a lot of treasures. We loved giving second life to things especially at the time we moved into an unfurnished apartment.
We were missing a coffee table, but had a palet and 3 cabinet doors found earlier in the street, so we put those doors on top of the palet and it did the job. However those wooden doors looked quiet boring, so we decided to add a creative touch to it. Some how what was suppose to be a one day task became a master piece, and we thought it was way too beautiful to put cups and things on it, it needed to be hanging on an wall! At the end of 2018 I had to leave Australia and couldn’t leave the unfinished doors behind. So I shipped it to Belgium (which was a rip off and took 3 month to arrive, but worth it). After hundreds hours of work and 15 000km, it was done. I mean almost! The doors needed to be hanging together, so I got Bastien a talented welder to make an aluminium frame, so all in finesse it could float side by side.

Doors are quiet symbolic and often represented as opportunities. There is a proverb from Joseph Campbell which I think goes well with this piece : “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls”

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