Sustainability – Laor


At the time where our planet is more populated by trash than living beings it is essential for me to do all I can to make my art sustainable.

I started to reconsider my way of doing art a few years ago. I was trying to change my consumerism habits but suddenly realised that as an artist, none of the art supplies that I was using were sustainable. Sadly those are often made from petrochemicals, with toxic pigments and in plastic content. I though « why are those brands not making their products sustainable? If they’re not then I will! » I didn’t want to create a product that was harming the environment. So for my business to be ethical as much as possible I reduced buying art supplies and instead reused discarded materials and worked on the conception of a home made eco-paint. I still have a stock of acrylic paint that I am minimising the use. Now almost every things used to create my pieces are homemade, chemical free, upcycled and second hand. I advocate transparency and I am open to answer any questions about the sources of my paintings.

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