About – Laor


One day, close friends started to call me Laor and it stuck. I am 26 years old and I am an artist. It took me some time to really feel comfortable saying that until I realised that we all hold the artist in each of us.

Since I was a kid, drawing, painting, dancing and even acting has always been a way for me to express myself. Through art, I found that I could release stress and anxiety but also get to know myself better; helping me to empty my mind of darkness and fill my soul with joyful dreams and light-filled desire. I grew up in Belgium, and the youngest of my siblings where art and passion have always been around my family. My education has been a beautiful path of excitement, frustration, accomplishment, failure, revelation and sometimes even doubt.

I had the chance to learn about the many aspects of art since high school at IATA Namur, where I learned about visual art, graphic design, photography, screen printing, offset printing and architecture. Architecture was my dream. I have always been fascinated about the atmosphere and energy that you could create through the design of a building or by giving a room space to breathe its own life. So when the time came to go to University, it was a definite YES that I wanted to study architecture even though I knew I would have difficulty getting my head around math and physics. That didn’t stop my desire to learn architecture.

At the age of 18, my mind was focused on my goals and I believed that I could become anything if I fought for it. Along the way I realised that there was something rigid about how I was learning and it came to me that I didn’t want the lifestyle of an architect. I felt limited in my creativity and didn’t want to spend the next 5 years of my life learning on how to become specialized on one thing. I wanted to become everything and learn beyond the confines of structure by journeying with art MY way. I let go of my decision to become an architect, but my education was not finished and will never.

I wanted to learn and educate myself while doing something in my everyday life that made me happy; something that felt right for myself and for the world. Now, I am learning how to reach my art goals with the respect of the planet and every living thing in mind. I dream of a better world and to make life meaningful in a more graceful and compassionate way. And I thought - that’s it - I want to make spontaneous, sustainable art!


I put my feelings down on paper, in my sketch book, on canvas, on wooden panels, on whatever comes to mind. With acrylic, with watercolors, crayons, china ink and pens. The result is for now always abstract, reminding me that sometimes earth and her many formations are just as spontaneous as I am. It is hard to describe it as everyone has a different feeling and vision about my art. But if you open your mind you might get to see something you would never expect to see.

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